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Advanced Peripherals


Advanced Peripherals is a mod that adds many useful extensions for CC:Tweaked. You can communicate with Refined Storage, Applied Energistics 2 or with the whole Minecraft world.

With Advanced Peripherals you can control your base in Minecraft only with messages in the chat, you can develop an AI that controls your farms - there really is no limit to what you can create with CC:Tweaked and Advanced Peripherals.

If you need help, join the Discord
See the mod page on Curseforge
Find the mod source code on Github

Version support

  • 1.16: Not supported
  • 1.17: Not supported
  • 1.18: LTS
  • 1.19.2: Fully supported
  • 1.19.3: Fully supported
  • 1.19.4: In discussion


If you want to contribute to this documentation or fix any spelling mistakes, feel free to do so on the documentation Github, checkout the Contribute section in the README for more info.

Documentation rewrite and overhaul by SyntheticDev